IT Staffing

Rezult Group Technology

Rezult Technology understands IT resources are essential in a company's daily operations. With ever-changing technology, internal demands and pressure to deliver information quickly and accurately, IT departments are challenged daily. The recruitment, allocation and management of workforce can be a complex challenge in itself. That is why we craft specialized solutions allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Our commitment is to consistently match top IT talent with your employment needs. Whether you're staffing a specialized project or increasing your permanent staff, the Rezult team will meet your goals.

Project & Permanent

The IT industry has seen unprecedented growth and fluctuation in recent years. With additional emphasis on technological advantages, IT departments and firms must deliver more for less. Rezult understands the current climate and provides multiple solutions to assist you in achieving your objectives. Whether you need expertise for a singular project or a strategic addition to you staff, we provide valuable solutions.

Contract Staffing:

Contract staffing is utilized by most IT departments globally. Many firms have realized that strategically using contract labor can reduce costs while maximizing productivity. Rezult Technology is committed to facilitating the contract staffing strategy. We have proven results through our experience and focus. Below are some questions to consider when exploring contract staffing:

• Will it cost your company less money in the long run to use contract staffing?
• Is this a project or a constant need?
• Once the project is complete, will there be another project for the particular employee to undertake?
• Do you have the expertise needed in this area?
• Do you have the time to hire a full time employee?
• How much time and money does your company have dedicated to find the perfect employee?
• How many projects are budgeted for the year?
• Do you have time for additional management responsibilities?
• How much does a full time employee cost your company (i.e., salary, down time, benefits)?
• How much risk is involved with hiring an employee you have never worked with?
• How much do you spend in overtime during peak periods?
• Do you risk over extending your staff?

Contract to Hire:

There are great costs and risks associated with hiring any employee. Trying to match technical aptitude with cultural adaptability has been a challenge for most IT management. Utilizing contract to hire allows our client to see how a potential employee works and interacts with their existing team. An evaluation period reduces risks and costs, thus benefiting our clients. Clients who use contract to hire often meet or exceed their internal goals.

Permanent Sourcing:

We understand there are certain circumstances when acquiring direct talent makes the most sense for an organization. We also agree attracting the best talent should be the top priority for an organization. At Rezult Technology, our objective for direct sourcing is simple - recruit and screen your perfect candidate. Our constant presence in the IT workforce, efficient processes, and extensive screening produces the top active and passive job seeker. Our goal is not only to provide the best candidates looking for new opportunities, but also to aggressively promote your opportunities to the top IT professionals.

Customized Reporting

Rezult Technology is confident in the value we provide. The proof is in our results. We partner with our clients to assess our level of service. Our continuous evaluation process reinforces the value of the relationship. At Rezult Technology, we believe it is essential to report how we are performing and how we can improve. We evaluate the following areas to properly measure our level of service:

• Candidate Accuracy: Percentage of presented candidates who interviewed

• Interview-To-Hire: Percentage of interviewees hired

• Placement Success: Percentage of placements satisfying requests

• Fulfillment Ratio: Percentage of requests we successfully staffed vs. the competition

• Time to Fill: Time from request until candidate is presented

• Total Billing: Total services billed by quarter